Classic wine events Tallinn 2022

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Have you ever thought about growing your business and promoting your winery to market experts and Baltic market buyers by participating tailor-made events?

Classic Wine Events helps you to do so starting from October 25th 2022.

Thanks to a new B2B oriented wine events format, which will be see its first appointment in Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Estonia, growing your wine business and bringing your wine into the emerging target market will be easy. On October 25th 2022  Classic Wine Events will hold at the Nordic Hotel Forum Tallinn  an unmissable event, open to everyone willing to get into a market which nowadays is by far the largest one in the Baltic Republics. By attending the event, thanks to experts, local imports, distributors, walkarounds and dedicated conferences about the world of wine, you’ll discover how to expand your brand easily and professionally. 
Lately, aided by its proximity with Finland, Estonia has shown a strong and increased interest even toward organic products, as natural sustainable wines. In order to connect your winery and your brand with local producers, buyers and journalist from well-renowned wine magazines, Classic Wine Events will give you the possibility to make a real full-immersion in a new world full of opportunities for your wine.

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Classic wine events Tallinn 2022

Estonia is recently showing a lot of interest in terms of fine wines. It has become the main and most developed market in the wine business out of the three Baltic Republic. The short distance from Finland is definitely helping this phenomenon, having Finland a monopoly in its country. The Finnish tourism in Estonia is setting the sales of wine in the country pretty high, where they love to come and take some stock of wine back home to Finland. There are a lot of shops in Estonia and most of them just 10 minutes away from any home making it very easy for the population to buy any type of alcohol whenever they like. Most of the wines on the market are imported, given the fact that Estonia is not a wine producer country. It’s common to find wine from Italy, Spain, France, Germany Finland, and not that uncommon to find wine from the new world wine countries such as Chile and South Africa. The wine market is steady and there is room for everyone. As in every market, Italy and France are the main competitors in the Old Wine World. Consumers taste in the country has a similar profile to the Scandinavian one, where red wines still have the biggest share of the market and sparkling wines are showing a constant growth. The market trend is showing an increased interest toward organic products and natural sustainable wines. Estonia market is considered price sensitive. A study showed that Estonian consumers would rather buy a bottle with a good quality price ratio, and an easy and fun label to read, instead of buying a pricy bottle with a complicated and boring label. The most important importers and distributors of the Baltic area have their headquarters in Tallinn and as everyone can imagine the competition is fierce, especially in the high hand retail outlets and on e-commerce websites. The latter it is representing the segment with the best opportunities.



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The format of the events is WalkAround tasting.
Each producer has a label where he exhibits his own wines.
Importers and buyers will walk around the room to taste the wines based on the interests.

Our events are organized with a focus on business, thanks to our 15+ years of experience we are bringing to the events the most valuable buyers and importers from the region.
Our events represent the fastest and the most effective way to enter in the market.

Please write to us or give us a call and we will send all the related documentation.

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Exhibitors will deliver the wines (max 6 references) to the location agreed. All costs related to the logistic to send the bottles and materials are responsibility of the exhibitors.

We do not accept shared  table with other companies.

Participation of Consortium or group of wineries have to be arranged case by case (Masterclass organization and others)

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