Classic wine events Helsinki 2023


Classic wine events Helsinki 2023

The Finnish population has reached 5,5 million of people where a bit more of 1 million is living in Helsinki.

The population have a higher purchase power having high salary, wealth government, high interest on travels. Depending on the studies gen X and boomers are the main regular drinkers of the country.

The market is governed by Alko monopoly having a turnover of about 215 million € per year in 2021. Chile before the pandemic was the most widely consumed country, after 2020 remain the first but Italy, Germany and Portugal have grown a lot. Italy, in fact, has benefited from the boom of Prosecco which now ranks as the first region in terms of purchase. Germany is led by Mosel region with the Riesling grape, ending up as the preferred white wine variety. On the other hand Portugal is growing fast in the Finnish market.

The Finnish market is a very interesting one following different trend at the same time. As the data showed the interest in organic and biodynamic wines is growing by 15% in 2021 compared to the previous year as well as rosè wines having a growth of 12% in 2021. Regarding the organic wines is very important to have Equalitas certification of sustainability.

In general Finnish people has always have a focus on ecological and low environmental impact packaging moving the choice of the consumers on screw cap closure instead of cork and light weight bottles. Bag In box format remain very popular as in the other Scandinavian countries, affected by the boots of demand over the pandemic and for the sustainable packaging.

Especially after the pandemic the market has registered that the consumers started to prefer low alcohol wines and smaller bottle size like 375ml. Furthermore, as for all the other countries after 2020, the online shopping has risen a lot specifically regarding the purchase of overseas wines. (Estonia)

The monopoly is covering the 90% of the market while horeca and restaurants are the remaining 10% of the market. To enter the market through the monopoly the company need to participate in annual tenders or to present the wines through special selections. Normally the bottles sold in Alko have an increase price of three times compared to EXW price. Important to know that the excise in this country amount to 4€ per each litre. Alko has about 470 different shops in Finland. A winery could also enter the market through smaller horeca importer presenting their wines over organized tasting.

The Finnish market is considered a well established and mature one as most of European markets but having a high possibility of growth. The consumers still curious and looking for new products to try with friends and family. The data showed that purchase price has also increased over the last year opening another part of the market for high-end products.



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The format of the events is WalkAround tasting.
Each producer has a label where he exhibits his own wines.
Importers and buyers will walk around the room to taste the wines based on the interests.

Our events are organized with a focus on business, thanks to our 15+ years of experience we are bringing to the events the most valuable buyers and importers from the region.
Our events represent the fastest and the most effective way to enter in the market.

Please write to us or give us a call and we will send all the related documentation.

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Exhibitors will deliver the wines (max 6 references) to the location agreed. All costs related to the logistic to send the bottles and materials are responsibility of the exhibitors.

We do not accept shared  table with other companies.

Participation of Consortium or group of wineries have to be arranged case by case (Masterclass organization and others)

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