Classic wine events Bruxelles 2023


Classic wine events Bruxelles 2023

The total population of Belgium today is about 11,5 million and it was estimated that 9.7% of Belgian are drinking alcohol daily even though this percentage is dropping every day. The consumption of wine increased over the pandemic by being preferred compared to beer.

Lots of Belgian still thinking at wine as an expensive drink, often described as the alcoholic drink offering less value for money compared to other categories. Belgium used to not have the best education on wine, in fact they are coming from a great heritage of brewery. Thanks to the immigration from France and Italy in the 1950s onward, wine started to be use and drink over the meal.

Italian and Spanish people used to drink wine everyday with the meal and they pass this tradition into the Belgian.

It was especially in these occasions that the consumption of wine increased, even though nowadays the consumption of wine over meal is associated with the age of consumers. 63% of boomers preferred drinking with food, same as 50% of Gen X and only 31% of the millennials. These data show how the elderly rather drink matching with food while for younger generations food is not that important. Boomers and Gen X are representing the higher percentage of regular drinker in Belgium covering respectively 26% and 28%. Millennials represents only 18% while Gen Z 5%. Within the younger consumers (millennials and Gen Z) seems to be trendy to have a drink before and after dinners, seen more as a relaxing drink at the end of the day with friends out or at home.

Thanks to this last trend sparkling wine as well have increased , especially Prosecco, being used in the Aperol Spritz cocktail. Prosecco has gained popularity and now is almost surpassing Cava consumption. The latter has always had a great popularity in the Belgium market. Apart from Cava and Prosecco, Champagne is the other biggest player of the sparkling share. Red and white on the Belgium scene are coming from all over the world being at the top French, Italian, Spanish, Germans and Portuguese wines.

Rosé wines has found in younger generation a better understanding, bringing fun and diversity to the normal consumption. The same popularity has not been found with the older generation which love to stick to what they know better. Despite the pandemic in the last couple of years the online sales have increased just a tiny bit compare to other countries in Europe. The data forecast an increased to 10% of the total share in 2025. Even though the overall consumption of wine is decreasing, opportunities in the market continue to emerge as well as the new Belgian wine drinker.



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The format of the events is WalkAround tasting.
Each producer has a label where he exhibits his own wines.
Importers and buyers will walk around the room to taste the wines based on the interests.

Our events are organized with a focus on business, thanks to our 15+ years of experience we are bringing to the events the most valuable buyers and importers from the region.
Our events represent the fastest and the most effective way to enter in the market.

Please write to us or give us a call and we will send all the related documentation.

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Exhibitors will deliver the wines (max 6 references) to the location agreed. All costs related to the logistic to send the bottles and materials are responsibility of the exhibitors.

We do not accept shared  table with other companies.

Participation of Consortium or group of wineries have to be arranged case by case (Masterclass organization and others)

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