About classic wine events


Classic Wine Events project was born from the experience of Luca di Marcangelo and his team, with the experience of more than 15 years in organizing B2B events in the world of wine, in various countries. The promotion and organization is supported by Civinization agency, based in Italy, which is specialized in strategic development of international markets and marketing strategies for penetration of different market segments.

The goal of Classic Wine Events is the organization of high quality events, in carefully chosen locations and cities with selected and profiled operators who are looking for new producers and suppliers.

The events are aimed at all European producers of all origins interested in exporting and expanding the destination markets of the events.

Our strenght is our experience in the organization, our extensive network and our organizational professionalism, designed to develop high-level events and projects to achieve important results in the acquisition of new customers by participating producers.


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Who we are


Luca Di Marcangelo

baltic country manager

Alexander Bengtsson

nordic country manager

Marina Marčenková

eastern europe manager